Endless adventures in the world of Atreia


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Aion: The Tower of Eternity, the game's complete name, is a free MMORPG (although it started out as for pay) set in the epic fantasy world of Atreia where dragons, semi-gods and all kinds of legendary creatures intermingle.

The game, like most of its type, comes with both PvP (player versus player) components as well as PvE (Player versus environment) components. In PvE players can group themselves into factions and go on several different missions in an attempt to obtain the best objects or simply to increase their character’s powers.

The PvP component of Aion is well developed and allows players to face each other in the Abyss of Balaurea, where they may obtain points from the abyss. These special points can be used later on to buy improvements which only they have access to.

A feature that makes Aion different from all the rest of MMORPG's is the process of creating your character, which you can choose from among four main classes: warrior, scout, mage or priest. Once you reach level 10 however, you can specialize yourself once more and choose between two new subclasses.

Aion is a huge massively multiplayer online role-playing game. To its enormous amount of content, both in missions as in enemies, spells, abilities, and history you must add its amazing graphics that look especially good when you are personalizing your avatars.
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